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Automator is a Mac app that lets a user automate certain tasks on their Mac.  It is available in the Finder > Applications folder.  I have been using this app to automate some repetitive tasks that I normally do manually.

If you’re like me, you frequently download files into the Download folder and most of them are ZIP files.  If you don’t get in the habit of deleting those files when you’re done with them, they can pile up and take up space both in the folder and your hard drive.

Instead of doing the normal steps of opening the folder, highlighting those file(s) you wish to delete and moving them to the Trash, I made an Automator Action (called an Application) to do just that.

Here’s how you can have the above Automator Action:

  • Open Automator (Finder > Applications > Automator).
  • Select NEW DOCUMENT.
  • Click CHOOSE.
  • Now follow the included picture with this article.
  • When finish, select FILESAVE.
  • Give the new Automator Application a name, such as “Move Downloaded Files to the Trash”
  • Save it somewhere you’ll remember where it is.

Stay tuned.  More Automator Actions on the way.

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