How to speed up Apple Watch updates

If you’re an Apple Watch power user (like I am) you dread every time when there’s an update. An average update can take anywhere from 20 – 30 (or more) minutes depending on the size of the update, and the speed of the Internet connection. After searching high and low for a way to speed the process, I think I’ve found it – thanks to a website called There suggestion?  During the actual updating process on the watch, turn bluetooth OFF.  Why?  According to the web site: Because Apple Watch defaults to prioritizing Bluetooth over Wi-Fi whenever possible in Click Here to Read more

New Verizon subscribers activate more Apple Watches then iPhones

“Verizon Communications Inc.’s wireless subscriber rolls surged last quarter, but it was thanks to smartwatches and other wearables — not the phones and tablets that were once its mainstay,” Scott Moritz reports for Bloomberg. “Monthly subscribers climbed by 260,000 in the first quarter, the carrier said on Tuesday, marking its fourth straight period of growth.” “The results renewed optimism that the largest U.S. mobile-phone carrier can cope with a maturing industry,” Moritz reports. “Even as the company lost phone and tablet subscribers, new customers using mobile service for Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. watches, vehicles and other applications offset Click Here to Read more

AT&T is building more cell towers to prep for 5G

Today AT&T announced that in preparation for the rollout of 5G they have partnered with CitySwitch to build more cellphone towers. “Working with CitySwitch means more alternatives to the traditional tower leasing model still followed by many. The traditional model isn’t cost-effective or sustainable,” said Susan Johnson, executive vice president – Global Connections and Supply Chain, AT&T. “This deal is another step in continuing to diversify our suppliers based on site needs, increasing competition in the provision of tower space and exploring new avenues to cut costs.” “This agreement aligns with AT&T’s commitment to provide customers with better speed, reliability and Click Here to Read more

How to set a Home Page in Safari

On Monday, I showed how to add a Home icon on to the Safari browser bar.  That fine, but what if the home page that it goes to isn’t of use?  This tip will show you how to make it useful. Here’s how: 1.  When in Safari, select SAFARI > PREFERENCES. 2.  Select the GENERAL button (see included screen shot). 3.  Find the area that says HOMEPAGE (see included screen shot). 4.  Type in the web site’s full URL that you wish to make your Homepage. 5.  Click OK. 6.  That’s it. Bonus Tip: Just go to the web site Click Here to Read more