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If you’re like me, and go back and forth from light to dark mode in MacOS Mojave, you know it’s a pain to go into System PreferencesGeneral and switch it in there.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could do it by a shortcut from the Dock?

Here’s how by using Automator and one simple command.

  • Open Automator from the Applications Folder.
  • When asked for the file type, select Application.
  • Save the file to the Desktop for now.
  • From the Search field, search for “Change System Appearance
  • Drag that to the right side.
  • There will be one option that says “Change Appearance: Toggle Light/Dark”.
  • Save the file to the Desktop again.
  • Exit Automator.
  • Now drag the newly Automator action to the Dock.
  • Clicking on the action will automagically change the desktop environment from light to dark, or visa versa.
  • That’s it!