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Before reading this article, make sure you also read our MacOS Mojave compatibility article to make sure your Mac can even handle the newest operating system.

MacOS Mojave will be widely available for all Mac users sometime on or after September 12th.  Even before you attempt to install it, here’s what you need to do to make sure the download and conversion process goes off without a hitch.

First and foremost, backup your important data, such as Documents, Pictures, Movies, etc. to either an external storage device, Google Drive, iCould, etc.

After that’s done, do the following:

1.  Login to the Mac App Store.

2.  Find the ad to download the MacOS Mojave installation file.

3.  Download the file.

  • Remember where the file downloads too, as you’ll need it later.

4.  When that’s done, double click on the .DMG file to start the installation.

  • Make sure you have the Administrator’s Password, or the installation may not proceed.

The installation should take anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes and must have a steady Internet connection.

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