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( Apple has confirmed that it’ll no longer be supporting 32-bit apps after High Sierra.

Because of this, some users may be out of luck when it comes to some Mac apps.

But you don’t have to wait and see if that favorite app won’t work when the next MacOS version comes out, there’s a way to find out if you’ll be upgrading that app in the future.  Here’s how:rol

1. Go to  > About This Mac.

2. Click on the SYSTEM REPORT button.

3. On the left, scroll down to “Applications“.

4. At the top of the window, scroll it all the way to the RIGHT

5. Scroll until you see the “64-Bit (Intel)” column.

6. Scroll down.  If the app has YES, then it’s 64 bit.  If NO, then it is 32 bit.

That’s it.