JD Power votes Apple Music as tops in customer satisfaction

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AppleMusicCardEarly Wednesday, J.D. Power and Associates published a report that claims Apple Music is the top-rated music service as compared to others such as Spotify and Google Play Music.

For Apple Music customers that were polled, 35% of the customers were “strongly committed” to the service.  The other two music services (Spotify and Google Play Music) were tied at 30% each.

62% of Apple’s listership cited compatibility with their devices as a reason for signing up. Apple Music is baked into iOS and macOS, and while it can also be used on Android and Windows, some features — like Siri voice commands — won’t work away from Apple devices. Google Play Music is integrated into Android, but only 53% of its customers cited compatibility as a reason to join — one percentage point higher than Spotify, which is platform-independent.

Across all services though, J.D. Power noted that people who listened to exclusive content were more likely be satisfied, and/or recommend their service to others.