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Hi all, As we get more familiar with how WordPress works, we’ll be announcing new features along the way. Our first new feature is: CATEGORIES.  From the drop-down Categories menu on the right, you can narrow down the topic that you’re most interested in.  So, for example, if you wanted all the articles related to iOS, you would select that from the Categories list, and the web site would show all of the iOS articles.

Review: Motion 5

Somewhere between editing video and designing full-blown motion graphics, there are countless jobs that require making things move. It may be making titles, handling transitions, moving around video and imagery in two-dimensional and three-dimensional scenes, masking, compositing, or generally arranging assets for purposes of utility or eye candy. From its first release, Apple’s Motion has aimed squarely at this type of activity. It is neither unique in that regard, nor does it do more than other rival tools; instead, it promises to perform these tasks more quickly and with less effort. In its latest release, coming alongside  Final Cut Pro Click Here to Read more

HP Fiddles while Apple Innovates

The paradox of Hewlett-Packard only gets more pronounced with each high-profile product announcement: its TouchPad tablet is the latest head-scratcher. Meanwhile, Apple continues to spit out one stunning product after another. In practice, HP has kept the garage door locked all of these years. (Credit: Hewlett-Packard) HP’s paradox is that it sits in the cradle of innovation–Silicon Valley–but fails to innovate. And HP is the original Valley start-up, founded in a garage more than 70 years ago, long before Apple’s legendary start. Fast forward to the reign of former CEO Carly Fiorina. She talked a lot about going back to Click Here to Read more

Apple's Back to School sales beating Microsoft's

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry made a contentious claim Friday that Apple’s back-to-school promo was showing signs of being much more effective than Microsoft’s. Despite Microsoft giving away free Xboxes with PCs, research in an investment note from GER showed that 80 percent of incoming students were buying Macs, not Windows systems. Trends were up for online-only colleges and universities, while returning students later into their studies were very interested in getting iPads, Chowdry said in AppleInsider‘s copy of the note, which didn’t mention the size of the study sample. Via: MacNN

We've moved!

No, you’re not seeing things.  The move to a new blog host has been complete, and we’re in the process of learning the new ways we can bring you updated news, rumors, and more. For those of you with an iPad, you will notice some new features as well. Thanks, and here we go! Dan Uff, Senior Editor

Rumor: Apple working on "Touch to Share" feature

When HP first introduced the TouchPad’s “Touch to Share” feature earlier this year, fans and industry pundits alike applauded them for their innovation. Well, it appears that Apple has been working on something similar for about 18 months now. Of course in typical Apple fashion, the concepts envisioned appear to be far more creative as they implement gesturing with Physics Metaphors. In one example, as noted in our cover graphic, you’ll be able to “pour out” files from one device to another in a manner that mimics that of pouring water. Apple lists a host of other examples that include Click Here to Read more