Amazon hits 100 Million Prime Members

“Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s annual shareholder letter, released on Wednesday evening, included an unexpected reveal. He shared how many Amazon Prime members Amazon now has: 100 million,” Daniel Roberts writes for Yahoo Finance. “So, 13 years after launching, Prime has 100 million paying members.” “Netflix has 125 million paying subscribers,” Roberts writes. “Spotify has 71 million people paying for its premium service… Apple Music has 40 million paying subscribers in 115 countries… Hulu, which is jointly owned by Time Warner, 21st Century Fox, Comcast, and Disney, had 17 million paying subscribers across its Hulu Plus and new Hulu with Live Click Here to Read more

How to make a Mac window full screen

When you open most windows on a Mac, most of them are not full screen, which can be annoying especially if you’re using Desktop Publishing programs such as Pixelmator or Photo Shop. Fortunately, Apple has a quick way to make a window full screen.  Here’s how: 1.  Select the window you wish to make full screen. 2. Put your mouse over the yellow button in the upper-left corner of the window. 3. Hold the [ALT] key while clicking on the yellow button. 4. The window will now be in full screen.  

How to: Delete All Web Site History from Safari

There’s no double about it – security is paramount when surfing the web.  The same is true with keeping where you have been on the web a secret as well. For those of us who use Safari on a regular basis, here’s how to delete all of your History (list of web sites where you’ve been): 1.  While in Safari, select History > Clear History…. 2.  From the drop down window, select All History. 3.  That’s it. Note: The above may take awhile depending on how much data the computer has to delete.