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Since 2006, has been providing news, information, hints and tips on the computer industry.  Our main goal is to have useful information for our readers to get the most out of their computer system and related hardware and software.

Stats: is becoming the place for information, news, tips, etc.  According to our own figures and relying on the figures from, since the beginning of 2016, our stats have gone from 32 hits per day to over 12,900 and more (see below chart).  This is because we have expanded our news coverage.

cs-stats01Taken: Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

What we Cover:

We have gone from just covering Apple, Inc. to other hardware and software areas – such as Linux/Unix, Microsoft, computer programming, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and others.  We will continue expanding the areas of interest as more technologies come online and become more accessible to the general public.

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