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Today AT&T announced that they are adding automatic fraud blocking and suspected spam-call alerts to millions of AT&T consumer lines at no charge. This is an expansion of AT&T’s Call Protect services and is now offered as an opt-out option. This means the auto-blocking of robocalls is being added to AT&T customers but you can opt out of it.

“The FCC has been a tremendous partner in the war on robocalls,” said Joan Marsh, executive vice president of regulatory & state external affairs for AT&T Communications. “The Commission’s recent action builds on a years-long effort to enable broader adoption of call-blocking tools and allow providers to better protect their customers and networks. AT&T remains committed to working with our government and industry partners in the ongoing battle against unwanted and illegal robocalls.”

Now the service is being rolled out but if you don’t want to wait you can download AT&T Call Protect right now from your app store on iOS and Android or by going into your account settings on myAT&T and turning it on.


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