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If you use Apple’s Pages for iPad with a keyboard, then you may not know that you can use the [Command] plus another key to do various common functions to help get your work done faster.

What are they?  Read below:

  • Command-N : New Document.
  • Command-O : Open Document.
  • Command-F : Find.
  • Command-W : Show / Hide Word Count.
  • Command-R : Show/Hide Ruler.
  • Shift-CMD-K: Add Comment.
  • Command + : Increase Font Size.
  • Command – : Decrease Font Size.
  • Command-B: Bold Font.
  • Command-I : Italic Font.
  • Command-U : Underline Font.
  • Option-CMD-C: Copy Style.
  • Command-C : Copy Text.
  • Command-V : Paste Text.
  • Command-X : Cut Text.
  • Command-H : Close Pages & Return to Home Screen.

Remember: In order for these commands to work, you must hold down the Command key while selecting one of the above options.

You can find keyboards for the iPad by clicking here.

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