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Every Apple Watch so far has been unveiled during Apple’s September event, where it also announces new iPhones. It is, essentially, the iPhone accessory, so it makes sense.

With the exception of the first Apple Watch (which hit the market in April), each new model has shipped in September as well. And not a year has gone by without the release of a new Apple Watch.

We therefore think it’s highly likely that there will be an Apple Watch Series 5 announced this September along with the new iPhones, shipping shortly after… It’s our guess that the Series 5 will cost around $399/$429, give or take $20, with the Series 4 staying on the market at a reduced price in the same way the Series 3 has…

Expect the Series 5 to look like the Series 4, with some very minor differences (a fraction of a millimeter of thickness or slightly different detents on the dial, that sort of thing).

Jason Cross for Macworld

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