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From now on, Android App Developers can use Kotlin as the primary language for developing Android apps. Google announced the inclusion of Kotlin as Primary programming language for Android apps in Today’s Google I/O 2019 conference. Roughly two years ago, Google introduced the Kotlin language as one of the development languages for Android apps. In Today’s session for Kotlin, Google said that the Android development would become prominently Kotlin centric, so making it one of the primary languages is the best thing.

According to the statement from Google, Many of the Jetpack API and add-ons are coming first in Kotlin, which will make it easier for the developers to code with Kotlin. With less-code, there will be minimum need of maintaining the app with additional code. Before Kotlin, Java was the preferred language of development in Android Studio IDE. It was a bit of surprise to see a new programming language exclusively for developing Android apps, but looking at Apple, who launched “Swift” for iOS development, it was nothing but a copied move as developers thought. But in the two years time, Google analysed the usage and the potential of Kotlin and decided to include it as the primary language for developing Android apps.

According to the Stack Overflow’s survey, Kotlin is the fourth most-loved programming language amongst the developers. Chet Haase, the chief advocate for Android, said that there is no need to immediately ditch Java and C++ languages, as many people prefer those languages to develop the app. But with the rapid adoption rate, Kotlin-first was the sensible decision that Google took today. There are reasons to stick with the C++ and Java to code the apps from scratch, and Google would not remove them as the supported programming languages anytime soon from Android Studio IDE.


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