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The other day, we were asked to use and review a new online video editing service that is a web-based service called “Flexclip

The free service allows a user to upload, edit, and export videos online without the need to download any software to your computer or learn any complex editing tasks.

How does it work?

After a new user signs into the site, they will be presented with a “Create new Video” page (see below):

The New Project Page.

Clicking on that will take you to the below screen:

This is the main window.  Here’s where you put the video together with any text, music, add your logo, or other items.

Each video uses what is known as a “Storyboard“.  Each scene in your video will be its own storyboard, and can be easily added, edited, or deleted at any time.

When you’re done with the video, just click the Export  button.  The video will be packaged in the .mp4 format, which could easily be uploaded to video sharing platforms such as YouTube.

Editing videos with its innovative layout is extremely easy and can get the job done in a pinch and look like you spent thousands of dollars on a video suite.

If you need music and/or sound for your video, the site has thousands of royalty-free sounds and music.


  • It’s a free service
  • Easy to understand user’s interface.
  • Add your own content (such as photos, videos, etc.)
  • The entire interface is web-based.  No download necessary.
  • Works on Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Easily edit, add video scenes, and export your video when finished.


  • Only works in Google Chrome.
  • Does not work on iPad (even with Chrome installed and working).
  • No way to import videos from iPad.

Bottom Line:

FlixClip is a heck of a lot easier to use then those video editors that you may spend over $200.00 for, and can be accessed at any time, anywhere, and with any computer that’s capable of running Google Chrome.

For more information, click here.


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