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“You get points in politics for pointing out a problem that we are concerned with, or especially one that we can be made to think is particularly bad. You then get more points for proposing a solution, because we would all like to think there are answers to problems,” William Gallagher and Andrew O’Hara write for AppleInsider. “And then if you, as a politician, can move the burden of doing something about the problem on to someone else, you win the jackpot.”

“Just for political expediency, the one big technology company that is championing user security would then get the same treatment as the firms that are repeatedly and intentionally profiting from breaking our privacy,” Gallagher and O’Hara write. “When your aim is to get votes, you can keep it simple. When you get the votes and you are in power, then you have to deal with the realities. Senator Warren wants to avoid talking about those now, unless pressed to do so, because reality is complicated.”

“Consequently she has made no comment — because no one’s really pressed her on it yet — about how Apple makes iOS and macOS, how it runs the myriad iCloud services, and how it locks users into all of those. Just as Google locks you into its own walled garden of services and apps,” Gallagher and O’Hara write. “Instead, and again only when pushed to say it, she gives up the App Store. Break Apple away from its App Store and apparently, everything is fine. That is, everything is fine except for the loss of security that users will get hit with as a result. Take Apple out of its own store, and you end up with the same kind of mess that the Google Play store is. ”

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