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We here at CompuScoop like to highlight Press Releases from Apple with there standard logo ( ) in the front of the title.  But we always had to do it on the Mac by a certain key combination.  That is, until recently when we learned how to do it with the iPad (note: this will work on an iPhone too!)

Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement.

  • Tap the + button (upper right corner).

  • In the Phrase area, copy and paste the included logo  and put it in that field.

  • In the Shortcut option, give it a name that you’d remember.

  • Exit that area.

Now whenever you type in that shortcut name, the apple logo will appear!

Of course you can use the above steps to add your own shortcuts, which will be copied to all of your device that have access to your iCloud account.