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ScreenTime is meant to keep everyone’s time on an iOS device in check. But did you know that you, as a parent, can also use this feature to limit your child’s time on the device, as well as iOS apps.

Here’s how:

  • On your child’s phone, go into Settings > Screen Time. 

* Tap “Set up as parent.

* You’ll be guided through three categories.  The first is Downtime, which means when the device will not be accessible.  Always allow, this section gives you choices as to which apps the child will always be allowed to access (for example, an educational app).

  • App Limits allows You to specify time limits for app genres, rather than specific apps — say, 2 hours per day for games.

  • The last section is Content and Privacy, which allows you to block explicit and mature content from the iOS App Store. 

* You’ll then be asked to enter a passcode. This passcode will restrict anyone (except you) from changing the above settings.  Choose wisely, or you may not be able to change these settings again. 

One final note: if your child is lucky enough to have multiple iOS devices, Screen Time limits apply to any device linked to the same ID, and cumulatively — meaning that a child can’t hit a limit on their iPad then continue unimpeded on their iPhone, or vice versa.