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Their is a new scam targeting Apple users.  The scammers call the user claiming to be from Apple Support stating that the user’s account has been compromised.  The caller’s phone number spoofs it so it appears to be coming from Apple itself.

One person targeted by the scam, called the 1-866 number that’s mentioned in the automated message.  He encountered an automated system but then a real person answered the call.  He then placed the user on hold, before eventually disconnecting the call.

The effected user then called the real Apple Support phone number, which they confirmed that the call was indeed fake.

There’s also a similar scam with persons posing as Microsoft support claiming that their computer has been compromised by a virus, and the user needs to give them immediate access to their computer so the company can get rid of the virus in question.

These calls are from people seeking personal information (such as Credit Card numbers, Social Security information, etc.) to turn around and sell it on the dark web for money.

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