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“Apple News is the most polished. Google News knows the most about what you’re interested in. And Microsoft News thinks it knows best,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider. “You could predict all of this just from how these technology companies have always behaved but now they’re hoping to control the news you read in apps too. ”

“Google News has been formed from the ashes both of what was Google News & Weather and of Google Play Newsstand. The current app combines the features of these in to one package that is fast to get started with and quick to fill you in on everything you want to know,” Gallagher writes. “The speed of starting is because Google doesn’t stop to ask what topics you’re interested in: it uses information the company has already gathered from articles you read in Chrome, or what you search for, to get you started.”

“While it will present a news story from a site such as CNN, Fox News, or wherever, it will also always give you an important extra option,” Gallagher writes. “Under each story there is an option called View Full Coverage. Tap that and you get to see how the same story is being covered elsewhere. That elsewhere does include other news sites but it will gather together opinion pieces, videos, and Twitter.”

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