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Via its Windows online blog, Microsoft announced a new update for Windows 10 and some of the new features that are included with it, such as:

Your Phone App
Pausing a task on your PC to respond to a text or notification on your phone can instantly break focus and take you out of your flow. The Your Phone App brings instant access to your texts and photos from your Android phone right on your PC, enabling you to stay productive and maintain your focus.

Windows Timeline on Phone
As we move fluidly throughout our day switching between work and personal tasks on our PCs and phones, it has become more challenging to find files and documents or web pages across our devices. Windows Timeline has been available on your Windows 10 PC since April, and we have now brought it to your iPhone or Android phone, enabling you to scroll back in time and find the files and websites you were using across your devices.

To-Do Integration with & Skype
It’s simple to make a long list of To-Do’s, but much more challenging to actually make time to complete each task. With To-Do integrated with, you can easily drag a task into an open slot on your calendar and block time to complete it. If you receive an email that has a task associated with it, you can even drag that into To-Do to automatically create a new task, keeping you organized and in flow.

In Skype, just select the message and tap “Create a task” to open the tasks pane. From here, you can add, edit, and check off tasks. Tasks will be saved and available in Skype, or in the To-Do app.

Family Safety for Microsoft Launcher
With Microsoft Launcher installed on your family’s Android devices and a Microsoft family group of accounts set up, parents can stay up to date on their kids’ location and rest easier knowing they are safely where they should be. Parents can also check in on kids’ app activity on their Android device, including which apps are accessed and time spent on each app. With Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC set up in your family portal, you can also view their activities on those devices through Microsoft Launcher.

Inking in PowerPoint
We’ve been infusing Microsoft Office[9] with AI with two goals in mind: to make everyday tasks easier and your content more beautiful. With today’s updates we’re making it easy to create and ideate using just your digital pen and your touch enabled device:

  • An inked bulleted list will transform into perfectly formatted text.
  • If you’re inking a flow chart or diagram, you can draw both words and shapes, and PowerPoint will convert them into text and snapped shapes in one fell swoop.
  • Or, you can let our intelligent design engine do the work for you. Simply start with a blank canvas, design your slide using ink, and Designer will use AI to recommend slides for you to choose from.

Inking in Word

With new intelligent functionality in Ink Editor, you can add a word, split words or add new lines to your document without touching a keyboard. Now, you can edit a Word document from start to finish using your digital pen and your touch enabled device.

Embedded 3D Animations
In PowerPoint and Word, dynamically animated movements are now built into 3D objects, making it effortless to use 3D and animation to bring your projects to life.

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