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Late Tuesday, Microsoft announced that Mac and iOS users now have the ability to record video and audio calls with their Mac or iOS device.

The feature allows users to capture and share calls.  A cloud-based solution, recordings are initiated by clicking the “+” icon at the bottom of Skype’s user interface and selecting “Start recording.” A banner appears on the screens of all users in the voice or video chat, notifying them that the call is being recorded.

During video calls, all user video is recorded, as is content from shared screens. The latter feature could prove useful when collaborating with colleagues.

When a call concludes, recorded content is made available in all users’ chat timelines for 30 days. Participants can save the recording to local storage, including mobile devices where the clip will download as an MP4 file, or forward it to other Skype users.

The feature is available on almost all supported platforms except Windows 10.  Microsoft said that the feature will be available “in the coming weeks.”

The feature is available now by downloading or updating the app.