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In a video posted via Twitter, Infowars‘ Alex Jones responds to the removal of links to his podcasts by Apple, saying, in part:

Apple has officially moved to China and is letting the government basically run Apple; and that, of course, is iTunes. Google is building a huge censorship search engine for them [China] and whistleblowers from inside Google say they’re preparing to use it here in America. In fact, they’re beta testing different parts of the system for China on American conservatives, nationalists, and Trump supporters…

This is 21st-century warfare. It’s happening right now. And it’s designed to silence the Amercian people and other populist movements around the world who are trying to struggle free from this corporate totalitarianism.

I’ve had a lot of top lawyers call me today and say, “Alex, we need to sue Apple. We need to sue all these groups that clearly are involved in cut and dry antitrust activities, working with other companies to delist you and block you from the marketplace of ideas, so, then when they demonize you, you don’t have a way to respond to them and they can destroy you and then, with that model, move on against everybody else.” — Alex Jones, August 6, 2018

Direct link to Alex Jones’ video via Twitter here.