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One of the main complaints about Amazon Prime Video is the user interface. Many have struggled to find what content was included with their subscription and sometimes it was even hard to find the content you owned.

Now Amazon’s new head of Amazon Studio Jennifer Slake has announced that Prime Video’s user interface is about to get a major upgrade. Recently Jennifer Slake got an early preview of the new user interface and said she now uses it on her phone. According to Slake “there’s so much to be excited about,” when it comes to the new User Interface.

Sadly she stopped just short of showing off the new app but from the sounds of it, the new Amazon Prime Video app is likely to close to being ready for a public release later this year.

Hopefully, this new app addresses a few important shortcomings. First making it easier to know what is and is not included with your Prime membership. Second, helping you find your content you want.

Well, Amazon has a massive library of content many subscribers struggle to find it. They often end up in the Prime Video Store looking at movies for sale or to rent instead of content included with their subscription.

Also if you have a large catalog of movies and TV shows you will also find it difficult to find the content you may have purchased years ago. With a single row, you may have to keep scrolling back to find what you want.

Source: Ad Week