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“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Cable companies are finally abandoning their stodgy old set-top boxes, and are finally ready to deliver television service through modern media streamers such as Apple TV,” Jared Newman writes for TechHive.

“That’s the argument Apple put forth this week during its Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company announced that Charter Spectrum will deliver an Apple TV app later this year, complete with Siri integration and TV app support,” Newman writes. “‘[The] typical cable box is becoming a thing of the past as these companies embrace internet-based delivery,’ Jen Folse, Apple TV’s lead designer, said. ‘And many of them share our vision of Apple TV as the one device for live, on-demand, and cloud DVR content.’”

“Though I’d like to believe that’s true, the past couple years have shown that cable companies have little desire to kill the cable box, at least in the United States. The revenue streams are too lucrative and the desire to control customers is too strong, and the Apple TV isn’t doing much to change the status quo,” Newman writes. “”

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