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“The Nikkei Asian Review wrote on January 29 and February 20 that Apple was ‘slashing’ production of the iPhone X from 40 million to 20 million units for the March quarter,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “These made it appear that the iPhone’s March quarter demand was declining more than it usually does from the December quarter and that the X’s sales were disappointing.”

“When you work through the numbers and compare them to previous March quarter’s new products, it shows that 20 million X’s is more in-line with historical results,” Jones writes. “The fall of 2017 was the first time that Apple launched three new iPhones. Overall the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus did well and helped contribute to iPhone unit sales increasing over 6% year over year on a weekly basis.”

“CIRP, or the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, estimates that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus accounted for 24% and 17% of U.S. iPhone sales in the December quarter,” Jones writes. “The bottom line is that the iPhone X was never going to sell 40 million X’s in the March quarter and 20 million is pretty much in-line with historical trends. And even at 20 million X’s Apple should still dominate the smartphone profit pool.”

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