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“No phone has received as much attention this year as the iPhone X, and while some of this is due to the phone’s high price point, the iPhone X does live up to the hype; after using it for the past few weeks, I’ve been particularly impressed by its face detection and improved camera,” Michael J. Miller writes for PC Magazine. “Enough with the headphone jack Despite a couple of misses — I would still like to see a headphone jack — the iPhone X has proven to be fast, reliable, convenient, and probably the most exciting iPhone in years.”

“With the X, you’re getting a display almost as large as the 8 Plus (bigger diagonal dimension, but smaller area), but in a notably smaller, lighter, and easier to carry package,” Miller writes. “The iPhone X is also the first iPhone with an AMOLED display. I have found such displays to be bright and vibrant on the Samsung line for the past several years, and Apple’s implementation is at least as good.”

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