Netflix Adds a Speed Test Feature to Their Roku Channel

Are you struggling with buffering? The problem may not be the streaming service but your Wi-Fi network.

Even if you have a fast Internet connection weak Wi-Fi will dramatically slow down the Internet when it gets to your streaming player.

Previously there was never a good way to see exactly how fast the Internet was once it hit your Roku player. Some Roku channels tried to show the Internet speed by giving a simple rating like good or excellent. Others Roku channels showed Internet speed in a way that was hard to understand.

Now Netflix has added a super simple easy to understand Internet speed test to their Roku channel. In the settings you will now find “Check Your Network.” If you click on that option it will run a network check including a connection speed test.

Don’t be surprised if it shows a slower Internet speed than you expect. Remember this is the speed that Netflix sees it can use and Wi-Fi will often show a slower speed than a hardwired Roku player.

So next time you see buffering make sure to run a speed test to see if your network is the issue before blaming the streaming service.

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