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“Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Senator Orrin Hatch Friday, capping off the first full week of a new Washington, with President Donald Trump at the helm,” Hamza Shaban reports for BuzzFeed News.

“Sen. Hatch of Utah, who sits on the Judiciary Committee and the antitrust panel, also leads the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force, whose mission is to help keep American tech at the leading edge of global markets,” Shaban reports. “‘During today’s meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, we discussed ways to grow the economy and our tech industry, as well as his recent visit with me in Utah,’ Sen. Hatch said in an statement to BuzzFeed News. ‘Given the issues I work on as chairman of the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force, it’s especially useful to listen to innovators like Tim.’”

“In the fall, Hatch hosted Cook at a tech conference in Utah, and the two appear to be friendly. Fellow Utah official Sean Reyes, the state’s attorney general, is a leading candidate to chair the Federal Trade Commission, one of two top antitrust posts in the federal government, according to three people with knowledge of Trump’s staffing decisions,” Shaban reports. “Cook also met with leadership of the Department of Veterans Affairs on Thursday to discuss promoting hiring, and other ways the company could help veterans, a person familiar with the meeting told BuzzFeed News.”

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1 thought on “Apple CEO meets with top Republican U.S. Senator on Capitol Hill

  1. I think Cook knows that his days are numbered at Apple so he’s cuddling up to Washington for a future run of an office.

    What do you guys/gals think???

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