Mickey or Minnie not speaking on your Apple Watch? Try these two things

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A friend of mine just got a new Apple Watch.  While setting it up, she decided to try the Mickey and Minnie Mouse watch faces.

When she did, we noticed that they wouldn’t speak the time.  After looking online (thank GOD for Google.com) we found two possible answers to get them to speak the time:

  • Repair the watch to the iPhone:

You may have to un-pair, and then repair the watch to the iPhone.  (Please refer to this support document for help).

  • Make sure the iPhone is connected to WiFi.
  • Go to the Watch App on the iPhone.
  • Activate the Mickey (or Minnie) watch face.  Make sure the “Tap to Speak Time” is turned ON.
  • Leave the iPhone on that screen for at least 15 minutes.
  • The watch may need to download the sound file(s) for the face(s).
  • That’s it.