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We iOS and Mac developers are always tweaking our apps with the latest features for our end users.  That’s why we want to develop in the latest development environments – in the case of iOS and Mac, we have to use a program called Xcode.

A lot of developers not only want the ability to update their current app and make it available on the respective app store, but to also enhance it to the latest features that are due out when a newer version of an operating system comes out.  This means having two versions of Xcode installed and having two separate versions of their app on the same Mac.

Up until a few years ago, the installation package used to ask the user where to install the main program.  Now with newer versions, a user doesn’t have that choice anymore.

Have no fear!  Now the installation package knows when a version of Xcode is a Beta, and which is a production version.

However, when doing this, you should make separate folders for your apps that you’re developing and/or modifying, so that you can keep everything separate incase you have to squash an unknown bug for customers using a non Beta version of the operating system you support.