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SwiftLogo“Apple is smartly creating great digital experiences and I think they know that great digital experiences mean unleashing tons of innovation from the community overall,’ Mike Gilfix, IBM’s VP of MobileFirst and Smarter Process told me, discussing Swift 3.0,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“I was speaking with Gilfix to mark IBM’s official introduction of IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift, new software developed by the company to unlock all the server-side capabilities now available in Swift 3.0 for building microservice APIs on the cloud,” Evans reports. “The release is incredibly important as it means enterprise developers will be able to build next generation apps in native Swift from end-to-end, client-side to server-side, on the IBM Cloud. It has been made possible by Apple’s decision to make Swift open source.”

Evans reports, “‘With this release, Swift is now ready for the enterprise,’ Gilfix says. ‘I used to be a language hacker back in the day… It’s not every day you see the birth of a new programming ecosystem like Swift is going to be. I think we’re only getting started.’”

Read more in the full article here.

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