Virus Alert for Mac: OSX Dok

“A recently discovered strain of Apple Mac malware has begun mimicking major banking websites in an effort to steal login details from victims,” Danny Palmer reports for ZDNet. “First uncovered in May, OSX.Dok affected all versions of Apple’s older OS X operating system and was initially used to spy on victims’ web traffic.” “The malware was later modified to infect macOS users, and its latest variant has been updated to steal money and financial credentials, say researchers at Check Point,” Palmer reports. “This new Dok campaign is distributed via phishing emails relating to financial or tax matters, with the payload Click Here to Read more

Makers of Handbreak for Mac warn of Trojan horse

“HandBrake is an open-source video transcoder that’s available on Mac,” Sean Keach writes for Trusted Reviews. “It’s freely available and very popular, as it allows users to convert video to different formats.” “But that popularity could be about to take a downswing, as the team behind the program are now warning users that they may have accidentally downloaded spyware to their machine,” Keach writes. “If you downloaded the HandBrake for Mac software between May 2 and May 6, you may have downloaded a version of the OSX.PROTON trojan malware onto your system.” “To check if you’re infected, open the OS Click Here to Read more

How to Force Quit a running App on Mac

For the most part, the Mac is a very stable computer system. But sometimes, an app does lock up and you cannot quit it normally by using [COMMAND]+[Q] key combinations. Fortunately, Apple has made it easy to quit an offending application. Here’s how: Click  > Force Quit.  A window will open showing all of the currently running programs. Click on the app that’s locked. Click the Force Quit button on the lower-right of the window. That’s it.

Apple not allowing some apps to install due to expired Developer’s Certificates

( A number of Mac apps failed to launch for users over the weekend because of a change to the way Apple certifies apps that have not been bought directly from the Mac App Store. Several users of apps including Soulver and PDFPen who had downloaded the apps from the developers’ websites all reported immediate crashes on launch. Developers of the apps quickly apologized and said that the issue was down to the apps’ code signing certificates reaching their expiration date. Apple issues developer signing certificates to assure users that an app they have downloaded outside of the Mac App Store is legitimate, comes Click Here to Read more

Mac Malware found within Microsoft Word that also has auto-running Macros

It has been discovered that Malware found in certain Microsoft Word for Mac will distribute an auto-running Macro that will attempt to infect the machine when ran. The Word file, titled “U.S. Allies and Rivals Digest Trump’s Victory – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace” is noted in research compiled by Objective-See to show a usual Word macro warning when it is attempted to be opened by potential victims. The notice warns that macros could contain viruses, and gives the option to continue opening the file with and without macros enabled, as well as to back out from opening it at all. If run with Click Here to Read more

Newly discovered Malware for Mac and Linux watches a user’s every move

“A Mac malware that’s been spying on biomedical research centers may have been circulating undetected for years, according to new research,” Michael Kan reports for IDG News Service. “Antivirus vendor Malwarebytes uncovered the malicious code, after an IT administrator spotted unusual network traffic coming from an infected Mac,” Kan reports. “The malware, which Apple calls Fruitfly, is designed to take screen captures, access the Mac’s webcam, and simulate mouse clicks and key presses, allowing for remote control by a hacker, Malwarebytes said in a blog post on Wednesday.” “Malwarebytes found evidence suggesting that Fruitfly has been infecting Macs undetected for Click Here to Read more

How to: Watch March Madness on your iOS Device or Mac

  As we reported, Apple is allowing the NCAA to stream its games to the new Apple TV.  Little does anyone know, one can also stream the games or get up-to-the-minute updates on other iOS devices as well. On your Mac Games will be available via the NCAA’s official March Madness website as well as As in years past, all CBS games will be available for free and you’ll be able to watch up to three hours of TBS, TNT, or truTV games before being asked to authenticate — or more, with liberal use of private browsing. If you have a strong Internet Click Here to Read more

Apple Updates iWork for iOS and El Capitan to Take Advantage of Features

Late Thursday, Apple updated its iWorks suite for iOS and El Capitan to take advantage of the operating system’s new features such as Force Touch, Multitasking, and some new features for VoiceOver. The updates for Mac will allow Pages and others to be available while in split screen mode, while the iOS versions will allow the said apps to be available by force touch. The updates are available now in their respective app stores.

Pixelmator Announces Major Update for El Capitan

The makers of the popular desktop publishing software for the Mac, Pixelmator, announced that it has put out an update for Apple’s new operating system that has the following features: Pixelmator 3.4 Twist adds support for OS X El Capitan, multitasking via Split View, a new Photos Extension with powerful Distort tools, and more. • Pixelmator now works great on OS X El Capitan. • The new Pixelmator Photos Extension brings powerful, Metal-based Distort tools to your Photos app. • Split View lets you use Pixelmator and any other app side-by-side in full screen. • Enhanced Force Touch support makes Click Here to Read more

Apple Removing Older Software from Mac App Store

Apple is removing older versions of its software from its Purchased Tab on the Mac App Store.  Software such as previous versions of Mac OS X, Mac OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion,  OS X Mavericks, as well as Aperture. The decision to do so isn’t going over well with some users of reddit, which the web site has called some of its user’s comments as “user-hostile.” One user commented: “That’s really unfortunate and hostile by Apple. What about people who use older operating systems due to compatibility problems with specific software? I recently had to re-install Mavericks, but didn’t keep the “Install Click Here to Read more

Finally! Sim City arriving for OS X on August 29th

Originally planned for release in mid-June, the Mac version of Sim City will be released on August 29, Electronic Arts has announced, and will be free of charge for those who bought the PC version. The company originally delayed the Mac version by saying it wasn’t “ready for prime time yet” and that the company wanted to “ensure the Mac [version of the game] is a great experience for our players.” The Windows release was lambasted by early buyers for serious bugs, overloaded servers and poor administrative decisions that rendered the game all but unplayable for months. Via:

Did You Know: You can FaceTime without using FaceTime? :-)

Ever since Apple announced FaceTime for iOS and then Mac, millions of users have been using it.  It is used around the world for business, personal, or anything else in-between.  But at the same time, Apple has some users believing that FaceTime is the only solution for iOS (thanks to their clever marketing).  Even I didn’t know that their are other (and more advanced) chat apps out there for iOS and Mac until I had customers that needed me to chat with them on devices other then iOS and Mac. Besides the usual services such as Skype, PollyCom, and others, Google  has Click Here to Read more