Apple’s iOS App Store Caves Under load of downloading Super Mario Run

At approximately 1pm ET on Tuesday, Apple and Nintendo finally released the long awaited Super Mario Run for iOS. Within a few hours, users started experiencing downtimes and/or delays with the iOS App Store for some users.  Those users were met with a page that says “The App Store is unavailable right now.  Please try again later.” The problem started around 4pm PT.  No word on when the problem will be resolved.

Apple Updates iWork for iOS and El Capitan to Take Advantage of Features

Late Thursday, Apple updated its iWorks suite for iOS and El Capitan to take advantage of the operating system’s new features such as Force Touch, Multitasking, and some new features for VoiceOver. The updates for Mac will allow Pages and others to be available while in split screen mode, while the iOS versions will allow the said apps to be available by force touch. The updates are available now in their respective app stores.

CBS vs. Time Warner Cable Blackout extends to CBS's iPad app

A contract dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable has prevented millions of customers not only from viewing CBS channels on their television set, but also through the network’s official applications for iPad and iPhone. The dispute caused Time Warner to block CBS and Showtime networks over the weekend. CBS responded in kind, and blocked Time Warner Cable Internet subscribers from streaming its programming from its website. But that IP ban also extends to the official iOS applications from CBS. Even though CBS is available free over the air, Time Warner customers who attempt to stream shows through the CBS Click Here to Read more

Apple refunds dad's iOS app store bill for 8-year-old's unauthorized in-app purchases

Despite Apple putting in safe guards for unauthorized in-app purchases, but the company still had to shell out more than $6,131.00 due to an 8-year-old’s purchases that he made while inside an iOS app. Lee Neale, 43, says that his daughter spent £2,000 in six days on 74 transactions playing Campus Life, My Horse, Hay Day, and Smurfs’ Village. Neale claims he only became aware of the expenditures when his bank froze his account. His daughter knew her father’s password by watching him enter it in when he installed the games, so that’s why she could get to the in-app purchases and run up Click Here to Read more

Revamped Google Maps for iOS Becomes Available, with Major New Features

Mid Tuesday (Eastern), Google launched a new update to its Google Maps app for iOS.  The update contains some major new features and is now available for the iPad as well. Some of the new features are: – Indoor Navigation. – Support for large touch screens, such as the iPad and the iPad Mini. – Enhanced navigation (live traffic updates, turn-by-turn, explorer function). – Simple restaurant reviews. For more information, click here.

Top iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad apps are now free in the app store (for a limited time)

As Apple approaches its 5 year birthday with its iOS app store, the company has taken its most popular apps and made them free for a limited time. Games such as “Infinity Blade II,”, “Where’s My Water“, “Tiny Wings“, and others. This offer also includes popular business and mapping apps as well. For more information, go in to iTunes and click on the [iTunes Store] button (upper-right).

Apple Removes "Bang With Friends" From iOS App Store

“Last week, Bang With Friends proudly announced Android and iPhone versions of its controversial and super popular dating app, but now Apple has pulled the app from its app store,” Julie Bort reports for Business Insider. “We’d guess the reason is that BWF is a brutally honest way to go about dating,” Bort reports. “The app helps you find a Facebook friend to hook up with.” Bort reports, “BWF grew wildly with almost no promotion. It now has more than 900,000 members after just 90 days and has matched 200,000 couples, its founders say. It also raised about $1 million from investors.” Read more in Click Here to Read more

GMail updates app for iOS

Early Monday, Google issued an update for its GMail app for iOS.  This update seems to be a major one for iOS users, as it ties all of Google’s apps into one convenient package for the user to be able to control available Google iOS apps from within the Settings area. The update is available via the iOS App Store.

"Angry Birds Friends" now available in the iOS App Store

Rovio’s popular FaceBook Game, Angry Birds Friends, has come to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The free game includes the following features: – Tournaments with new levels every week! – Challenge your Facebook friends for bronze, silver, and gold trophies! – Brag, send gifts, and invite your Facebook friends to play! – Four classic power-ups, plus one exclusive to Angry Birds Friends on mobile! – Daily rewards! – Free bird-coins just for completing the tutorial! – Syncs automatically with your game on Facebook! Angry Birds Friends can be downloaded from the iOS App Store by clicking on the Friends Click Here to Read more

Apple only accepting iOS Apps built for Retina Displays and iPhone 5

According to a message on Apple’s Developer’s web site, as of May 1st, the company will only accept new and updated apps that are built for the company’s Retina Display devices and must also support the 4-inch display for the iPhone 5.  Any apps not meeting the new requirements will be rejected by Apple’s App Review Team.

NetNewsWire updates iOS and Mac apps to have RSS Syncing

For those of us who use the app, this is welcome news – especially since Google has announced that it will be shuttering its Google Reader later this year. The developers behind the popular NetNewsWire app has announced that they are revamping the application that will include RSS Feed syncing and more. No word on when the update will be available to the public.  

FaceBook Updates iOS App again

Mid Monday Eastern, an update for FaceBook for iOS became available on the app store. The update (version 5.6) makes it easier to name and group conversations and require fewer taps to start  a group messaging session. The other improvements include: – Ability for a user to update their cover photo. – Free VOIP calling for a limited time (Canada only). – Bug fixes and stability improvements.