Apple’s iOS App Store Caves Under load of downloading Super Mario Run

At approximately 1pm ET on Tuesday, Apple and Nintendo finally released the long awaited Super Mario Run for iOS.

Within a few hours, users started experiencing downtimes and/or delays with the iOS App Store for some users.  Those users were met with a page that says “The App Store is unavailable right now.  Please try again later.

The problem started around 4pm PT.  No word on when the problem will be resolved.

Apple Updates iWork for iOS and El Capitan to Take Advantage of Features

iWorkLogo2015Late Thursday, Apple updated its iWorks suite for iOS and El Capitan to take advantage of the operating system’s new features such as Force Touch, Multitasking, and some new features for VoiceOver.

The updates for Mac will allow Pages and others to be available while in split screen mode, while the iOS versions will allow the said apps to be available by force touch.

The updates are available now in their respective app stores.

CBS vs. Time Warner Cable Blackout extends to CBS's iPad app

CBSLogoA contract dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable has prevented millions of customers not only from viewing CBS channels on their television set, but also through the network’s official applications for iPad and iPhone.

The dispute caused Time Warner to block CBS and Showtime networks over the weekend. CBS responded in kind, and blocked Time Warner Cable Internet subscribers from streaming its programming from its website.

But that IP ban also extends to the official iOS applications from CBS. Even though CBS is available free over the air, Time Warner customers who attempt to stream shows through the CBS application for iOS are presented with a video urging them to call their cable provider and side with the network.

“Time Warner Cable has dropped CBS,” a 45-second video airing in place of content proclaims. “That means no ‘Under the Dome,’ no ‘Big Brother,’ no ‘NCIS,’ no NFL, or PGA Championship, or US Open Tennis. No ‘Big Bang Theory,’ no ’60 Minutes.’ Say no to Time Warner Cable.”

The outage also extends to Showtime, which includes the original series “Dexter,” “Ray Donovan,” and “Homeland.” And it includes Bright House Networks, a major regional cable operator that partners with Time Warner.

The current blackout is said to affect about 3 million Time Warner Cable customers in major markets including New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Dallas. Among the events blocked was Tiger Woods’ commanding victory at the Bridgestone Invitational.

In addition, the start of National Football League preseason football is this week, and CBS owns the broadcast rights to the league’s American Football Conference teams, such as the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

Apple refunds dad's iOS app store bill for 8-year-old's unauthorized in-app purchases

apple-black-logoDespite Apple putting in safe guards for unauthorized in-app purchases, but the company still had to shell out more than $6,131.00 due to an 8-year-old’s purchases that he made while inside an iOS app.

Lee Neale, 43, says that his daughter spent £2,000 in six days on 74 transactions playing Campus LifeMy HorseHay Day, and Smurfs’ Village. Neale claims he only became aware of the expenditures when his bank froze his account.

His daughter knew her father’s password by watching him enter it in when he installed the games, so that’s why she could get to the in-app purchases and run up the big bill.

Initially, Apple had refused toy reimburse Neale.  But over the past weekend, he got a call from Apple:

“Apple called me to say they will be refunding the money I have lost and apologized for closing my case so early.  It has really saved my bacon.”


Revamped Google Maps for iOS Becomes Available, with Major New Features

GoogleMaps07172013Mid Tuesday (Eastern), Google launched a new update to its Google Maps app for iOS.  The update contains some major new features and is now available for the iPad as well.

Some of the new features are:

– Indoor Navigation.
– Support for large touch screens, such as the iPad and the iPad Mini.
– Enhanced navigation (live traffic updates, turn-by-turn, explorer function).
– Simple restaurant reviews.

For more information, click here.