How to: Change Screen Brightness using Siri

Even though iOS and MacOS has the ability to change screen brightness on its own, sometimes, we still need to adjust it on our own. Normally, we’d have to go into Settings > Brightness (on an iOS device), or System Preferences > Displays on a Mac. You can do that and more just by using Siri. Here’s a list of commands for that feature (yes, both will work on iOS and Mac): “Make the Screen Brighter” “Brighten the Screen” “Make the Screen Darker” “Dim the Screen” “Change Screen Brightness” “Set Screen Brightness to 50 Percent” Just another way to make your life with iOS and/or Mac Click Here to Read more

Super Mario Run for iPhone requires an “always on” Internet Connection

As the release date gets closer, more details are being released about what Super Mario Run players will need in order to play the game. One of the things required will be an “always on” Internet connection.  According to the game designer, this is for security and game play reasons. The actual gameplay may consume 75 MB per hour or less on wireless.

How to create folders in iOS

Editor’s Note: Even though this tip may seem obvious to some, there are a lot of new iPhone users out there that may not be aware how to do the above.   When one gets a new iOS device (iPhone or iPad) the screen may seem overwhelming at first.  iOS has a way for you to organize those icons into “Folders” for you to better organize the screen and make it easier to use and find what you’re looking for. Here’s how to make a folder in iOS: Choose an icon from the screen, press and hold it until it Click Here to Read more

Apple Confirms: iOS 9.3.4 has a Nasty Surprise

“The iPhone 7 is very close and the all singing all dancing iOS 10 will come with it,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes. “But right now most iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are on iOS 9.3.4 and Apple has confirmed to me it contains a nasty surprise that, for millions, will never be fixed.” “The problem in iOS 9.3.4 is an incompatibility between VoiceOver and voice dictation which is hitting disabled and, in particular, blind users hard,” Kelly writes. “In short: with VoiceOver enabled (it describes everything on your screen with a triple press of the home button) voice Click Here to Read more

Apple Pushes iOS 9.3.1 Update to Fix Crashing Issues

Just a few days after promising to fix a bug that caused major crashing issues on iPhones and iPads, Apple has delivered and released iOS 9.3.1 to address the lingering issue.  It’s recommended for all iOS users. To update, plug your device into a wall outlet or computer, and select Settings > General > Software Update. The update may take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the device.

iOS 9.3: The most stable upgrade in years

“In spite of some publicized glitches, including an activation bug that affected older devices, iOS 9.3 is Apple’s ‘most stable new release in years,’ an app analytics firm said on Wednesday,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider. “During the past eight days 9.3 has had a crash rate of just 2.2 percent, easily making it the most stable iOS release in circulation, Apteligent claimed,” Fingas reports. “A Web link bug actually affects iOS versions as far back as 9.0.2, and turns out to be connected to and its affiliated apps, rather than the iOS 9.3 update. Nevertheless, Apple promised to Click Here to Read more

iOS 9 Bug? Blank icon in Settings App

A friend of mine has just informed me about a possible bug in iOS 9.  When she went into her settings app, and went into the area that listed all her apps, she discovered that their was a blank white icon with no name listed. Upon further investigation, it was found that other users are also having the same problem.  It is not known if Apple is aware of this possible bug. There is no known fix for this as of yet.  We’ll follow this and update as necessary.

A Bug in iOS Overnight Updater Turns Off iPhone Alarms

Users who opt to update their iPhone overnight have discovered that doing so will turn off any alarms they may have set, potentially causing issues waking up the next morning. iOS 9.x Users have been taking to Twitter and elsewhere to let other users know about the bug. We at AppleScoop suggest that users opt-out of this feature until this problem is fixed. As of this writing, Apple has yet to issue an official statement about this problem.