How to: Change Screen Brightness using Siri

Even though iOS and MacOS has the ability to change screen brightness on its own, sometimes, we still need to adjust it on our own. Normally, we’d have to go into Settings > Brightness (on an iOS device), or System Preferences > Displays on a Mac. You can do that and more just by using Siri. Here’s a list of commands for that feature (yes, both will work on iOS and Mac): “Make the Screen Brighter” “Brighten the Screen” “Make the Screen Darker” “Dim the Screen” “Change Screen Brightness” “Set Screen Brightness to 50 Percent” Just another way to make your life with iOS and/or Mac Click Here to Read more

How to create folders in iOS

Editor’s Note: Even though this tip may seem obvious to some, there are a lot of new iPhone users out there that may not be aware how to do the above.   When one gets a new iOS device (iPhone or iPad) the screen may seem overwhelming at first.  iOS has a way for you to organize those icons into “Folders” for you to better organize the screen and make it easier to use and find what you’re looking for. Here’s how to make a folder in iOS: Choose an icon from the screen, press and hold it until it Click Here to Read more

Report: Quality Control Person responsible for iOS 8.0.1 also Responsible for Maps app Debacle is reporting that the same quality control person who was responsible for the Map app problems is the same one who also caused the iOS 8.0.1 problem as well. Citing sources familiar with Apple’s corporate structure, Bloomberg on Thursday reported the same Apple manager was in charge of quality assurance teams responsible for the two high-profile missteps. According to the publication, the manager leads a worldwide team of more than 100 people tasked with detecting and fixing iOS software prior to public release. Sources claim that Apple looks to human oversight for bug finding operations instead of automated solutions, making the team vital Click Here to Read more