How to create folders in iOS

Editor’s Note: Even though this tip may seem obvious to some, there are a lot of new iPhone users out there that may not be aware how to do the above.   When one gets a new iOS device (iPhone or iPad) the screen may seem overwhelming at first.  iOS has a way for you to organize those icons into “Folders” for you to better organize the screen and make it easier to use and find what you’re looking for. Here’s how to make a folder in iOS: Choose an icon from the screen, press and hold it until it Click Here to Read more

Apple issues support document on FaceTime issues and iOS 6

Over the past week, users of iOS 6 have been experiencing issues with FaceTime not working on their devices. Mid Thursday, Apple issued a support document that says for people who can upgrade to iOS 7 should do so as soon as possible, for FaceTime to work again. The document says in part: “If you started to have issues making or receiving FaceTime calls after April 16, 2014, your device or your friend’s device may have encountered a bug resulting from a device certificate that expired on that date. Updating both devices to the latest software will resolve this issue.  Click Here to Read more

Apple adds iOS Map Flyover Support, 3D Buildings, and more

According to web site The Loop, Apple has been quietly updating its maps application by adding the ability to do location fly overs, additional 3D Buildings, and more. The Loop is reporting that fly overs are now available for the following U.S. Cities: Baltimore, MD Providence, RH Portland, ME Cleveland, OH Green Bay, WI Minneapolis, MN Albany, NY Indianapolis, Indiana Cologne, Germany Glasgow, Scotland Buffalo, NY Vancouver, BC Tulsa, OK Hoover Dam Modesto, CA Stockton, CA In addition, the company has been adding turn-by-turn navigation information for: Barcelona, Spain Berlin, Germany Birmingham, England Cologne, Germany Copenhagen, Denmark Dublin, Ireland London, England Lyon, Click Here to Read more

Newly discovered security hole in iOS 6.1 lets users bypass lock screen on iPhone

According to, a newly discovered security hole starting with iOS 6.1 lets a user bypass the iPhone’s lock screen and then gain access to the entire device. The flaw was discovered by a group called Jailbreak Nation and even posted a how to video.  Out of respect for our readers, we are not posting the video. However, we are posting the steps for this security hole for information purposes only. The steps for this security hole are as follows: 1. Lock device 2. Slide to unlock 3. Tap emergency call 4. Hold sleep button until the power down prompt shows. Click cancel, you Click Here to Read more

Apple releases iOS 6.1 with iTunes Match and Siri improvements

Mid Monday Eastern, Apple released an update to its iOS operating system. iOS 6.1 improves and adds the following features: LTE support for more carriers Purchase movie tickets through Fandango with Siri (USA only) iTunes Match subscribers can now download individual songs from iCloud New button to reset the Advertising identifier The update is available now by going in to SETTINGS > GENERAL > UPDATE SOFTWARE. Make sure you have ample time for the update as it may take anywhere from 20 – 30 minutes depending on network speed.

Reminder: "Do Not Disturbe" feature starts [supposedly] working today

It has been reported by other web sites that some users of iOS 6 were having problems with the “Do Not Disturb” feature staying on after a scheduled off time. Since then, Apple has issued a support document about this problem, acknowledging the problem and stating: “Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013. Before this date, you should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.”