Advanced Xcode Tip: How to install your app on an iOS device without connected it to a developer machine

We iOS developers must be able to test our apps on a real-world device.  But we have to use a USB wire to connect the device to the development machine to install and test the app.  OR DO WE? This little known trick will get rid of that annoying step so you can install Xcode […]


Are you still using Obj-C, but are considering going to Swift 5? Perhaps this book may help

The other day, I was on when I stumbled across this book by Amit Chaudhary that compares the good and bad between using the Objective-C programming language vs. the up-and-coming Swift 5 programming languages. This Kindle book covers the following topics: This book has covered the latest version 5 of Swift and the latest version […]

CONTINUE READING.... expands Programming News/Information offerings

We here at are always looking for ways to assist our readers.  That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we have expanded the Programming menu option for persons who are seeking information about Android, Obj-C, and Swift. To get to it, just click on the Programming menu option above and select the area of choice.