iOS Jailbreak: R.I.P.

“For several years, it was common practice among iOS enthusiasts to ‘jailbreak’ their iPhones so they could enable additional functionality like screen recording and widget support,” Abhimanyu Ghoshal reports for TNW. Jailbreaking was “once fueled by an active worldwide community with numerous crafty programmers who figured out how to bypass Apple’s device protections,” Ghoshal reports. “And with the closing of two major repositories on the Cydia alternative app store this month, the death knell for jailbreaking is ringing clear.” “There hasn’t been a jailbreak for iOS 11 so far, even though it’s been months since it was released to the Click Here to Read more

Apple to release software fix for the letter ‘I’ problem

Some iOS users are experiencing problems when typing a lowercase i.  It seems that the operating system quickly replaces it with the letter A with a line above it. Apple is aware of the problem and will be issuing a software fix in the near future.  In the meantime, you can temporarily fix the problem by following the below steps:   Open Settings. Navigate to General -> Keyboard Text Replacement. Tap the Add button in the toolbar. In the Phrase field, enter the uppercase ‘I’ character. In the Shortcut field, type the lowercase ‘i’ character. Add the text replacement. That’s Click Here to Read more

Apple (quickly) releases iOS 11.0.1

Just a week after its official release, Apple has pushed out an update for its iOS operating system, and the company is asking all users to update to it as soon as they can. Release notes accompanying iOS 11.0.1 simply state that the update “includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad.” The update is available now.

Reports: iOS 11 is breaking some apps

Fox Business and others are reporting that some early adopters of iOS 11 are finding that some of the apps on their devices are not working. The problems stems from Apple’s newest operating system not being able to run apps that are compiled in 32-Bit code.  App developers now have to recompile (re-make) their apps in 64 bit, which can take time to become available as an update for a device. If you’re finding that some of your apps do not work, hang tight or contact the company to see when they are putting out an update.

If you have one of these iPhones or iPads, no iOS 11 for you!

One Monday, Apple announced a new operating system called iOS 11 for its iPhone and iPad product lines. But as with anything else in the computer industry, only newer hardware can run the new iOS 11 coming out this Fall. The below is a list of hardware that will be able to run iOS 11: • iPhone 7 Plus • iPhone 7 • iPhone 6s Plus • iPhone 6s • iPhone 6 Plus • iPhone 6 • iPhone SE • iPhone 5s • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd gen.) • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st gen.) • 10.5-inch iPad Pro • 9.7-inch iPad Pro • iPad Air 2 • iPad Air • iPad (5th gen.) • iPad mini 4 Click Here to Read more