Study finds that Apple Watch can detect early signs of diabetes with 85% accuracy

( Amid rumors that Apple is working on a non-invasive glucose monitoring system for Apple Watch, researchers are using cutting edge software science to prove the heart rate sensors in current-generation wearables can successfully detect early signs of diabetes. As part of an ongoing study involving Apple Watch and Android Wear users, researchers at app developer Cardiogram and the University of California, San Francisco, trained a deep neural network called DeepHeart to distinguish people with and without diabetes at an accuracy of 85 percent. The collaborative study pulled from 14,011 Cardiogram users enrolled with the UCSF Health eHeart Study to obtain Click Here to Read more

Scientists: Eating Fish makes you smarter and sleep better

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but one seafood meal per week could provide lifelong benefits including a higher IQ and better sleep. A new study conducted by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania demonstrated a clear link between the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids — most commonly found in fish — and heightened intelligence, as well as higher quality sleep. The research was largely based on a huge sample study of over 500 children between the ages of 9 and 11. The children, of whom 54% were boys and 46% girls, provided information on their eating Click Here to Read more

Apple appears to be working on blood glucose monitoring as a way to address Type 2 Diabetes

“Apple appears to be working on blood glucose monitoring as a way to address Type 2 Diabetes,” Jean-Louis Gassée writes for Monday Note. “‘Glucose monitoring’ is a code word for fighting the growing scourge of Type 2 Diabetes. Unlike Type 1 Diabetes, which is unpreventable, the Type 2 variety is, to be polite, a ‘lifestyle’ disease, meaning we eat too much and don’t exercise enough. (As usual, the French are more brutal: for them, Type 2 is Diabète gras, Fat Diabetes). “A 2016 Harvard School of Public Health study places the global cost of Type 2 Diabetes at $825B per Click Here to Read more

Press Release: Nike announces new Apple Watch bands that work with new running shoes

In April of this year, Apple and NikeLab launched the limited edition Apple Watch NikeLab. Today, Apple and Nike take their partnership a stride further, with four new Nike Sport Bands for Apple Watch Nike+ in colorways inspired by the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit “Day to Night” collection. The “Day to Night” collection celebrates runners whenever they choose to run – at twilight, sunset and everything in between. Each of the colors is inspired by a shade of the sky, from dawn to dusk, and allows runners to – for the first time – make a statement by matching their Apple Watch Nike+ Click Here to Read more