Amazon Echo gains multi-room music support has just announced that its Echo product now has the ability to play the same music in rooms that also have an Echo device. Below is a part of the official press release: You can now synchronize your music playback across Echo devices to play songs from Amazon Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and Pandora, with support for Spotify and SiriusXM coming soon. Simply use the Alexa App to create groups with two or more Echo devices by naming the group, such as “downstairs.” Once you’ve created the group, simply say “Alexa, play John Mayer downstairs.” The new feature should be Click Here to Read more

Get a handy Amazon Alexa Cheat Sheet from!

Now that the Amazon Echo has the ability to change the color of its top ring, each color represents a feature that the device can do. We have compiled a handy cheat sheet that you can download and have it near your Amazon Echo. To download it, just click here or go to the top menu, and select A.I. > Amazon > Light Meaning. 

Now you can get CompuScoop on the Amazon Echo Show

Ever since the Amazon Echo Show was first announced, we have been hard at work with making sure our Amazon Echo skill worked with the device. After weeks of testing, we can finally announce that you can now get this web site on the device.  Just enable the skill at, search for “CompuScoop“, enable it, then ask for a Flash Briefing :-).

Are you sick? Ask Amazon Alexa for a doctor

A company called HeathTap, a company that lets end users contact a board certified doctor from the comfort of their iPhone or iPad, has announced (via Fox Business) a new service that’ll let someone who has an Alexa device obtain medical advice from their vast network of doctors and other related medical fields.   Users of HealthTap will be able to use the app via the command “Alexa, talk to Dr. A.I.” Alexa will then walk the user through a series of questions designed to simulate a doctor’s visit, and provide medical insights along the way. Doctor A.I. was first Click Here to Read more