Now you can get CompuScoop on the Amazon Echo Show

Ever since the Amazon Echo Show was first announced, we have been hard at work with making sure our Amazon Echo skill worked with the device. After weeks of testing, we can finally announce that you can now get this web site on the device.  Just enable the skill at, search for “CompuScoop“, enable it, then ask for a Flash Briefing :-).

How to use Amazon Alexa on your TV

Although most of us know about this, you’d be surprised at how many users don’t know ghat Alexa is in a lot of other devices. One such device is the Amazon Fire TV.  An end user not only can run many Amazon Echo skills on their TV, but also have additional features to help them get the most out of the device – and your TV. Here’s what you need to get Alexa on your TV: A newer TV that has a free USB port.  A compatible Amazon Fire device (Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc.) All of the above devices Click Here to Read more

How to install the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire

Normally, the Amazon Fire restricts you to the Amazon App Store for all apps. But their is a way to get the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire without having to root the device.  The below should work with all current Fire tablets. Note: Make sure you install the said files in the order that is shown or the store may not work.  In that case, you will have to remove the Google Play Store and reinstall it.  This how to will cover how to install it from the tablet itself which is the easiest and fastest way. Before trying to install Click Here to Read more