OPINION: Why cable cutting is NOT a good idea – just not yet

If you read 98% of the articles abut getting rid of cable and going all streaming to save money, they make it seem that it is the thing to do, and that cable systems should be worried about their business, or are even predicting their demise in a few years. Well, I don’t mean to be the caller of bad news, but don’t call your cable company just yet.  Here’s why: While it is true that cable companies are hiking their prices and are giving you less offerings, you’re still getting a deal with the number of channels and offerings Click Here to Read more

Roku and Sling TV rolling out a new (Beta) service this December

For those of you who have a Roku and are a subscriber to Sling TV, you’re experience for both services are about to get a whole lot better, as the below press release reads: Here at Sling TV, we’re all about giving our customers what they want. And we know that sometimes you just don’t have time to watch your favorite sports, shows and movies when they air live. So, starting in a few weeks, we’re rolling out a beta program for our brand new cloud DVR feature. Available starting in December, the cloud DVR beta program will roll out Click Here to Read more