Transfer data between an old iPhone and a new iPhone the simple way

Now that Apple has two new three new iPhones available, one maybe wondering how to get their information (including photos, contacts, etc.) from one iPhone to another. Their are two ways users can do this, and we’ll show you both. 1. Via iTunes: The below process is the same for both Mac and Windows. Plug in your old iPhone into a computer. Launch iTunes (if necessary). Find the iPhone icon either on the left side, or inside a button on the top of the window. Click on it. Select the SUMMARY option. In the BACKUP section, click the BACK UP NOW button. Wait for Click Here to Read more

How to Force Reboot the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

For those who have purchased an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, Apple has changed the way users reboot the device. Up until now, users would hold the HOME and the POWER button at the same time and wait for the Apple Logo to show up.  Now, users need to do the below: Press and then release the VOLUME UP button. Press and then release the VOLUME DOWN button. Press and then HOLD the power button until you see the Apple () logo. It’s not known if the iPhone X will follow suit, but you can be sure we’ll find out and print it here 🙂

Consumer Cellular starts selling Apple’s iPhone 8

Sometime Thursday, leading cell carrier Consumer Cellular started selling the Apple iPhone 8.  Normally, the carrier is one of the last companies to start selling new iPhones since it is not apart of Apple’s standard cell choices and the device has to be unlocked for the phone to work properly. For more information, click here.  

OOPS! The new iPhone slogan ‘This is 7’ Translates to ‘This is Penis’ in Cantonese

Editor’s Note: (No, folks, this is real). “Apple’s ‘This is 7’ slogan for its new iPhone 7 has a rather unfortunate translation in Hong Kong,” Libby Plummer and Julian Luk report for The Daily Mail.” Smartphone users have been mocking the technology firm’s latest marketing line because it sounds just like ‘This is penis’ in Cantonese.” “China is one of Apple’s biggest markets, but the translations for its new slogan differ drastically across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,” Plummer and Luk report. “While mainlanders and Taiwanese people predominantly speak Mandarin, Hong Kong dwellers typically converse in Cantonese, which is why Click Here to Read more