Xbox Co-Founder: VR is pushing gaming in to another ‘Golden Age’

Virtual Reality Glasses: Getty Image

( Otto Berkes is a pioneer of the gaming industry. In 1998, along with Kevin Bachus, Seamus Blackley and Ted Hase, Berkes founded Microsoft’s Xbox just as video gaming was entering its next phase. It was four years after Sony had released its first PlayStation console and was developing its next generation PlayStation 2. The first Xbox came to market in 2001, just a year after the PS2, amid a huge boost in graphics and processing power. The Xbox and PS2 were two of the most popular consoles ever and now gaming is entering “another golden age”, according to Berkes, driven by virtual reality (VR) Click Here to Read more

Paralyzed patients regain muscle control thanks to Virtual Reality

A Paralyzed 32 year old women regained partial use of her legs after 13 years of not being able to do so, as this report from CNN/Money shows: The woman, dubbed “Patient 1,” is part of an ongoing research study that uses a system of brain-controlled robotics and virtual reality to restore neurological and physical interactions. The study involved eight spinal cord injury paraplegics — all of whom recovered partial sensation and muscle control after about a year of training. It was conducted by the Walk Again Project in São Paulo, Brazil and led by a Duke University researcher. The Click Here to Read more