Fake Apple Chargers Fail Basic Safety Tests

(BBC): Investigators have warned consumers they face potentially fatal risks after 99% of fake Apple chargers failed a basic safety test. Trading Standards, which commissioned the checks, said counterfeit electrical goods bought online were an “unknown entity”. Of 400 counterfeit chargers, only three were found to have enough insulation to protect against electric shocks. It comes as Apple has complained of a “flood” of fakes being sold on Amazon. Apple revealed in October that it was suing a third-party vendor, which it said was putting customers “at risk” by selling power adapters masquerading as those sold by the Californian tech firm. Click Here to Read more

Apple files 2 Million and more lawsuit against Counterfeit accessories sold via Amazon.com

Apple has filed a 2 Million dollar lawsuit against a company named Mobile Star LLC, accusing the firm of selling ‘knockoff items’ infringing upon its registered trademarks and copyrights by selling counterfeit 5W USB Power Adapters and Lightning to USB cables on Amazon and Groupon, according to court documents published electronically this week. Apple has said that the products from Mobile Star offer a significant danger to consumer safety and can cause a fire and/or electrical shock for an end user. The safety of Apple’s customers is of paramount importance to Apple, and Apple devotes significant resources to ensuring its power products Click Here to Read more