Google Home adds Multi-User support for Customized Results

Google Home just stepped up its game with the Amazon Echo by adding multi-user support to the device. This feature (now available in the U.S.) allows a family to use one device to deliver customized results for the individual user.  The new feature is being assisted by a company called Neural networks.  The company uses different characteristics of someone’s voice to know who’s speaking and when. The feature rolling out starting today to Google Home users in the U.S. When a user sets up the feature, they will be required to say “OK GOOGLE” and “HEY GOOGLE” two times each.  The setup Click Here to Read more

U.S. Postal Service offering a peak at your Mail BEFORE IT ARRIVES

( Want to know what mail you’re supposed to get any day of the week? The United States Postal Service has devised a way to make it happen. Informed Delivery now is available to eligible residential consumers in select ZIP codes. “This process went nationwide on April 14,” said Elizabeth Najduch, communication programs specialist for Detroit. The service allows customers to receive an e-mail containing grayscale images of the outside of their household’s letter-sized mail pieces that will be arriving that day. Notifications also can be viewed on the dashboard at Cities in the program: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Click Here to Read more

Lego’s new kit teaches kids to code

This week,  Lego is introducing a new type of building blocks that not only lets kids build, but also teaches them how to code. The Lego Boost Kit lets kids build five different smart toy models, including a cat, robot and guitar, with the help of sensors and motors. The move follows the success of Lego’s Mindstorms robotics kits, which are often used in computer science classes. Last year, Lego launched the WeDo 2.0 robotics kit to teach science and tech concepts to elementary students. But its latest effort is all about coding for consumers, rather than a focus on education. The Boost kit comes Click Here to Read more

The state of Colorado will become first to allow Digital Driver’s License

(CNN) – Forgetting your wallet at home may soon become an excuse of the past. That is, if you live in Colorado. Colorado just became one of the first states that’ll soon offer digital driver’s licenses. Iowa, Idaho, Maryland, and Washington DC will be the others. It’s part of a two-year pilot program funded by the U.S. Commerce Dept. — No more rummaging through your purse to pull out your ID at a crowded bar. We all clutch our phones like a lifeline anyway, so open an app and get a drink. — No more panicking when a cop pulls you Click Here to Read more

Self-driving semi truck makes its first trip and delivery — what is it?

(USA Today) – SAN FRANCISCO — If you’re sipping a Budweisersomewhere in Colorado Springs, Colo., you just might have a robot to thank for that thirst-quenching brew. Last week, self-driving truck start-up Otto teamed with Anheuser-Busch to successfully deliver a semi-tractor full of beer from Fort Collins, through Denver and on to the southern Colorado city in the shadow of Pikes Peak. For the majority of that 120-mile trip, the truck’s driver left his seat and observed the road from the comfort of the sleeper berth. An Otto video of the drive shows the slightly disconcerting image of a massive 53-foot trailer filled with 2,000 cases of Bud rumbling down I-25 Click Here to Read more

Wait, what? Put your notebook in a Microwave?

No, this isn’t a joke folks. How would you like to be able to take notes using a Notebook, then save them to the cloud, and then Microwave the notebook to reuse it for new notes?  Sounds impossible? A company by the name of ROCKETBOOK has come up with a special Notebook that is made for someone to be able to take notes like you would do with any paper notebook, then “move those notes” to the cloud using an app on your mobile phone.  After you are done, just wipe the notebook clean by putting it in almost any standard Click Here to Read more

This robot will rake your leaves and shovel snow

For anyone who hates yard work, meet your new best friend. (CNN/Money) A New York startup unveiled Kobi on Thursday, a robot it says can autonomously shovel snow, collect leaves and cut grass. “We’re on a mission to help people not spend time on yard work,” said Steven Waelbers, cofounder of The Kobi Company. “We want people to enjoy their free time with their family.” Owners will need to reconfigure the robot’s attachment — similar to how many vacuums work –depending on the task it’s carrying out. Before the robot operates independently, an owner must manually wheel it around the yard Click Here to Read more

Toyota wants to sell you this baby robot to keep you company on long drives

Small enough to fit inside a cup holder, this tiny little robot could keep someone company (and awake) on those long and sometimes boring drives. The robot is named Kirobo Mini and it is only 4 inches high.  It is able to chat with someone and can even respond to facial expressions. Toyota says that it plans on making the tiny robot available in its dealerships in Japan next year for around $400.00 (U.S.) before taxes.  The company didn’t mention if it would be in any other countries. The robot can remember its companion’s likes and dislikes as well as journeys Click Here to Read more

Iran says it has copied a captured U.S. Drone

In 2011, Iran said it downed a US drone.  Ever since then, the country says it was able to “reverse manufacture” the drone and create a replica. New photos from Iran (obtained by CNN) seems to show their “attack drone” that was built using “reverse engineering” from the 2011 captured U.S. drone.  What the country could not duplicate was made using “homemade technology.” The Iranian news agency reports that the drone can carry four precision-guided bombs.

Sick and Tired of Standing in Line? Nissan may have the answer for you

Introducing the ProPilot chair.  The first chair that will automatically go down the line for you while sitting in it.  When it gets to the end of the line, it’ll let you get off before going back to the beginning of the line for the next customer. This chair was inspired by Nissan’s self-driving technology that it’s using in its new cars. Don’t believe me?  Watch the video below:

Is Tech going TOOO Far: Meet the ‘Smart Candle’ from LuDela

No, this isn’t a joke. A company by the name of LuDela has invented the world’s first “real flame start candle” that end users can operate with their Smart Phones. With a multitude of features such as: Reliable always bright flame. Zone lighting – control each candle with your Smart phone. Ability to dim flame for a perfect lighting effect. 30 Minutes to an hour timer. Auto-extingish flame. Candle Remaining Meter. Li-ion long lasting rechargeable batteries. Child-lock app. Smartphone app will alert person if attention is necessary. 100% Natural Wax. Natural Wicks. Scent options. For more information on pre-orders ($99.00, Click Here to Read more

Police Departments increase the use of robots in bomb investigations

We don’t normally do a story such as this, but with the ever increasing use of bomb-sniffing robots being used by law enforcement (as used over last weekend in New Jersey and New York City), we thought it would be a current topic article to do. Police are increasing their use of specialized robots to handle dangerous jobs, such as bomb investigations, hostage situations, and more. In Dallas this July, police used a robot to deliver an explosive device to a suspect believed to have killed five police officers. It is thought to be the first time a police robot has Click Here to Read more

Apple Patents Finger Print Tech to Help Catch Thieves

“Being the leading portable devices company in the world, Apple is constantly advancing new security features so that consumers and business executives could be assured that their sensitive data is locked down,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “Apple’s iOS based devices currently come with a certain degree of security with features like ‘Find My iPhone,’ high end encryption and remote wipe,” Purcher reports. “Apple is also working on advanced biometrics such as using heart sensors to detect an unauthorized user.” “Way back in 2010 Patently Apple covered a patent application showing that other new security features were on the way including Click Here to Read more

OH MY: Uber to Begin Real-World use of Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh this month

Marking a small but significant step towards bringing self-driving technology to the public, Uber will later this month begin offering some Pittsburgh customers rides in specially-modified Volvo XC90s, a report revealed on Thursday. An Uber engineer will still sit in the driver’s seat, and occasionally be prompted to take over in riskier situations like bridges, according to Bloomberg. A copilot in the passenger seat will take notes, and cameras inside and outside of the vehicle will record each trip. Riders may not know they’re getting into self-driving vehicles until they actually appear, but those trips will be free, and a tablet in Click Here to Read more

Intel turns to light for faster data transfers

“Intel believes the days of using copper wires for data transfers, both between computers and inside of them, are numbered because optical communications are on the horizon,” Agam Shah reports for IDG News Service. “The chipmaker has started shipping silicon photonics modules, which use light and lasers to speed up data transfers between computers,” Shah reports. “The silicon photonics components will initially allow for optical communications between servers and data centers, stretching over long distances, said Diane Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center Group.” “Over time, Intel will put optical communications at the chip level, Click Here to Read more