Google Home adds Multi-User support for Customized Results

Google Home just stepped up its game with the Amazon Echo by adding multi-user support to the device. This feature (now available in the U.S.) allows a family to use one device to deliver customized results for the individual user.  The new feature is being assisted by a company called Neural networks.  The company uses different characteristics of someone’s voice to know who’s speaking and when. The feature rolling out starting today to Google Home users in the U.S. When a user sets up the feature, they will be required to say “OK GOOGLE” and “HEY GOOGLE” two times each.  The setup Click Here to Read more

U.S. Postal Service offering a peak at your Mail BEFORE IT ARRIVES

( Want to know what mail you’re supposed to get any day of the week? The United States Postal Service has devised a way to make it happen. Informed Delivery now is available to eligible residential consumers in select ZIP codes. “This process went nationwide on April 14,” said Elizabeth Najduch, communication programs specialist for Detroit. The service allows customers to receive an e-mail containing grayscale images of the outside of their household’s letter-sized mail pieces that will be arriving that day. Notifications also can be viewed on the dashboard at Cities in the program: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Click Here to Read more

Lego’s new kit teaches kids to code

This week,  Lego is introducing a new type of building blocks that not only lets kids build, but also teaches them how to code. The Lego Boost Kit lets kids build five different smart toy models, including a cat, robot and guitar, with the help of sensors and motors. The move follows the success of Lego’s Mindstorms robotics kits, which are often used in computer science classes. Last year, Lego launched the WeDo 2.0 robotics kit to teach science and tech concepts to elementary students. But its latest effort is all about coding for consumers, rather than a focus on education. The Boost kit comes Click Here to Read more

The state of Colorado will become first to allow Digital Driver’s License

(CNN) – Forgetting your wallet at home may soon become an excuse of the past. That is, if you live in Colorado. Colorado just became one of the first states that’ll soon offer digital driver’s licenses. Iowa, Idaho, Maryland, and Washington DC will be the others. It’s part of a two-year pilot program funded by the U.S. Commerce Dept. — No more rummaging through your purse to pull out your ID at a crowded bar. We all clutch our phones like a lifeline anyway, so open an app and get a drink. — No more panicking when a cop pulls you Click Here to Read more