Apple Leaves Intel in the Dust

“A key reason why the pace of Mac hardware updates has slowed in recent years can be placed in the hands of Intel. As they fell behind releasing new silicon, Apple was left without the parts they needed to do proper refreshes,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “True, Apple did allow the Mac to languish way beyond the release of new Intel parts.” “That takes us to this year’s iPad Pro refresh, with Apple’s A10X Fusion chip. It’s an interesting design, with six cores, three of which operate at high power, and three of which operate at Click Here to Read more

Intel to Lay Off 12,000 Employees by mid 2017

In a cost cutting move, Intel announced it will be cutting its workforce of up to 12,000 jobs by the middle of 2017. This move is being billed as “restructuring to speed its transition” into a company refocused on building its “Internet of Things (IoT) and data center businesses as it fights the effect of the PC market’s continuing decline. According to the manufacturer, both data centers and IoT products are Intel’s main areas of growth, with memory and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) helping accelerate progress. Both these areas provided $2.2 billion in revenue growth last year, making up 40 Click Here to Read more