Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

“Once upon a time, Google Maps was the go-to maps provider for Apple’s iOS. That was until iOS 6 in 2012, when it was announced that Apple was creating its own rival service – and Apple Maps is now the default option on iPhones and iPads,” Lewis Painter reports for Macworld UK. “In this article we compare the state of these two services, five years on.” “The days of major gaffes are long behind Apple Maps, and in most respects you will find it as or close to as accurate as Google Map,” Painter reports. “But while road maps seem Click Here to Read more

Google Maps now lets you remember where you parked

( Ever have a mini panic attack because you couldn’t remember where you parked your car? You may never have to live through that frustrating situation again, thanks to Google. The company on Tuesday introduced a new Google Maps feature for iOS and Android that will help you remember where you parked. On Android, tap the blue dot and press “Save your parking” to add your spot to the map. From there, you’ll see a label on the map identifying where you left your car. You can tap that label to add additional details like the exact spot number, an image Click Here to Read more

Google upgrades its Maps and Earth Services

“When Google Earth was first released, it was life-changing,” Brian Fagioli reports for BetaNews. “While people take it for granted now, seeing aerial views of the entire planet — including something as mundane as your neighbor’s roof — was something many folks never thought possible. This satellite imagery is now used in other mapping solutions, such as the ubiquitous Google Maps, giving us the ability to see the world from the comfort of our homes.” “Today, the search giant announces that its imagery has been improved,” Fagioli reports. “‘Landsat 8, which launched into orbit in 2013, is the newest sensor Click Here to Read more

Google Map Goof gets Woman’s Home Demolished

“A woman whose house was damaged by a tornado late last year now owns nothing but rubble,” Hope King reports for CNNMoney. “A demolition crew destroyed her building by mistake on Tuesday after Google Maps provided wrong directions.” “Instead of navigating workers to a duplex on Cousteau Drive in Rowlett, Texas, Google Maps took them a block away to Diaz’s duplex on Calypso Drive,” King reports. “‘[Google’s] mistake caused me to lose my home,’ she told CNNMoney on Friday.” King reports, “Google acknowledged the Maps error in an email, and said it’s investigating the cause.” Read more in the full article here.