AT&T Buys Straight Path for $1.6 Billion Dollars

Mid Monday morning, AT&T announced that it will be buying a company called Straight Path for $1.6 Billion Dollars. The purchase is part of the company’s quest to help build their soon to be available 5G wireless network. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has approved 28 and 39 gigahertz frequencies for 5G wireless use, and Straight Path is one of the largest holders of that spectrum. The purchase could give AT&T, which was the original exclusive partner for Apple’s iPhone, a leg up on its wireless competitors— chiefly Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. Straight Path was motivated to sell after a settlement Click Here to Read more

DirecTV Now offering specials for HBO, monthly discount offers, and more

AT&T’s DirecTV Now customers who have an Apple TV were notified that for their ‘continued commitment’ to the service, that the company is throwing in free HBO for an entire year for customers who subscribed to the “Go Big” or “Gotta Have It” monthly plans, or $5.00 off for the monthly tier plans. Announced through AT&T’s DirecTV Now forum, the discounts are automatically applied to customer accounts that were active on Mar. 6. Subscribers who recently cancelled DirecTV Now, or whose accounts were pending cancellation as of Mar. 6, are not eligible for the promotion. While the reward is accessible to Click Here to Read more

AT&T Announces Two New Unlimited Data Plans called “Unlimited Choice”

AT&T will launch two more unlimited data plans available to Apple iPhone owners, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice, hoping to steer people away from similar plans recently offered by its rivals. The first of the plans, Unlimited Plus, costs $90 per month for a single line. By default streaming video is scaled back to 480p resolution, but HD can be turned back on through the myAT&T app or Web portal. The plan also includes 10 gigabytes of full-speed hotspot data, after which it’s throttled back to 128 kilobits per second. The plan as a whole may be throttled after the 22-gigabyte mark. A multi-line Click Here to Read more

Press Release: AT&T Expands Access to Unlimited Data

The New AT&T Unlimited Plan is Available to All Postpaid Wireless Customers Starting tomorrow, AT&T1 will launch a new AT&T Unlimited plan. The plan will be available to all consumer and business postpaid AT&T wireless customers. Whether you love to stream your favorite shows, play games, video chat or simply surf the web, the AT&T Unlimited Plan provides access to what matters most to you. “We’re offering unlimited entertainment on the nation’s best data network where and when you want to enjoy more of what you love,” said David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer of the AT&T Entertainment Group. The new AT&T Click Here to Read more