{U}: Problems with Apple Watch Series 3

The device hasn’t been out more than a week, and they’re are reports that the Apple Watch Series 3 is having connectivity issues with connecting or staying connected to LTE Networks, while other reports are stating that the device is also having connection issues with the iPhone as well. Update: AppleInsider.com is reporting that Apple is aware of the issue, and will be offering a fix soon.  

Major League Baseball fines Yankees and Red Socks for cheating with Apple Watches

“Major League Baseball announced Friday afternoon that Boston will be fined ‘an undisclosed amount’ for using an Apple Watch to steal catchers’ signs; it will then be donated ‘to hurricane relief efforts in Florida,’” Amara Grautski reports for CNBC. “MLB did not issue any suspensions or take any draft picks away from the team, but has warned all 30 clubs that future violations could warrant this kind of punishment. The league added that Red Sox ownership, front office and manager John Farrell were unaware of the cheating operation.” “In addition, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said during the course of its Click Here to Read more

Unlock your Mac with an Apple Watch

Mac’s security is great, but sometimes it can become a pain re-typing a password each time you want to login. Fortunately, Apple has added a way to unlock any newer Mac with an Apple Watch.  To use it, you have to turn on two-factor Authentication on both the iPhone and Mac. Here’s how to set it up:   On Mac: Go to System Preference > iCloud > Account Details. If prompted, enter your iCloud Password. Click the Security Tab. Click on Set Up Two Factor Authentication. Click on Security & Privacy. The last option should say Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. Put a Check Mark next to Click Here to Read more

How to use the iOS Health App on an iPhone and Apple Watch to maybe save your life one day

We all know that the health app on an iOS device and the Apple Watch are helpful tools for monitoring everyday health-related activities. But did you know that it could save your life one day, especially when used in conjunction with An Apple Watch. When going into the app, there is an icon on the lower-right called Medical ID.  Tapping on this icon takes you to a medical ID card.  This is where you can put all of your medical-related information so it’s always with you. Information such as: Person’s name. Medical Conditions Medical Notes. Allergies and Reactions to meds. List Click Here to Read more

Apple (Quietly) Extends Apple Watch (Series 1) Warranty to Three Years

“If you have a first-generation Apple Watch with a separated back cover, Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will repair it free of charge, according to an internal service policy obtained by MacRumors,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “Apple recently extended the service policy’s coverage period to up to three years after the original purchase date,” Rossignol reports. “If you bought an Apple Watch in April 2015, for example, it is eligible for a free repair until April 2018. ‘Apple has determined that under certain conditions on some Apple Watch (1st generation) devices the back cover may separate from Click Here to Read more

Apple appears to be working on blood glucose monitoring as a way to address Type 2 Diabetes

“Apple appears to be working on blood glucose monitoring as a way to address Type 2 Diabetes,” Jean-Louis Gassée writes for Monday Note. “‘Glucose monitoring’ is a code word for fighting the growing scourge of Type 2 Diabetes. Unlike Type 1 Diabetes, which is unpreventable, the Type 2 variety is, to be polite, a ‘lifestyle’ disease, meaning we eat too much and don’t exercise enough. (As usual, the French are more brutal: for them, Type 2 is Diabète gras, Fat Diabetes). “A 2016 Harvard School of Public Health study places the global cost of Type 2 Diabetes at $825B per Click Here to Read more

Press Release: Nike announces new Apple Watch bands that work with new running shoes

In April of this year, Apple and NikeLab launched the limited edition Apple Watch NikeLab. Today, Apple and Nike take their partnership a stride further, with four new Nike Sport Bands for Apple Watch Nike+ in colorways inspired by the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit “Day to Night” collection. The “Day to Night” collection celebrates runners whenever they choose to run – at twilight, sunset and everything in between. Each of the colors is inspired by a shade of the sky, from dawn to dusk, and allows runners to – for the first time – make a statement by matching their Apple Watch Nike+ Click Here to Read more

Apple Watch able to detect Abnormal Heart Rhythm With 97% Accuracy

The Apple Watch’s built-in heart rate monitor is 97 percent accurate when detecting the most common form of an abnormal heart rhythm when paired with an algorithm to sort through the data, according to a new study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco and the team behind the Cardiogram app (via TechCrunch). There were 6,158 participants in the study, all of whom used the Cardiogram app on the Apple Watch to monitor their heart rate. Most were known to have normal EKG readings, but 200 suffer from paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (an occasional irregular heartbeat). To read the rest Click Here to Read more

College student uses his Apple Watch to save his life after roll-over crash

(ABC2NEWS.COM) “College student Casey Bennett, 22, describes his near death experience lightly, saying he’s just happy to be alive,” Cassie Carlisle reports for WMAR-TV. “‘Airbags smell like gunpowder when they go off. I thought the car was on fire because I saw smoke and just kinda smelled something burning and I was like, ‘Oh no! Now I have to plan how to get out of this before the car explodes,’ and then I kinda like looked around and was like, okay, it’s not on fire,’ Bennett said chuckling. ‘The next thought was, you’re upside down again.’ Bennett said during the roll, Click Here to Read more

Exxon Speedpass comes to Apple Watch

Now you can pay for gas at most Exxon Stations using your Speed Pass on an Apple Watch. Just download the app from the iOS App Store.  It will then install another app on the watch. The watch relies on the app on the iOS device (iPhone for example) for the actual payment transaction. The feature should be available now.

The Apple Watch Cerebrates 2nd Birthday

Today, Apple Watch turns two! “April 24, 2015: It’s time for the official release of the Apple Watch, the wearable device Tim Cook describes as the ‘next chapter in Apple history,’” Luke Dormehl writes for Cult of Mac. “Fans, having endured a seven-month wait since the device’s unveiling at a keynote the previous September, can finally strap an Apple Watch onto their wrists. Behind the scenes, however, this moment been a lot longer in the making.” “According to the generally accepted account of the sequence of events, the Apple Watch was not just the first new Apple product since the Click Here to Read more

How to update the software on the Apple Watch

As with any piece of computer software, keeping the Apple Watch updated with the latest security fixes and updates should be as important to you as changing your underwear. It ensures that you’re using the latest features of the watch. Updating the watch is a simple process: Make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS.  Plug in the iPhone to either a power outlet or your computer.  Put the Apple Watch on the charger.  On the phone, go into the Apple Watch app.  Select GENERAL > SOFTWARE UPDATE.  Start the update by tapping INSTALL.  Some things to keep in mind: Click Here to Read more

How the Apple Watch May have saved my life

“Last November, my Android phone died as I descended on a JetBlue flight into San Francisco,” Michael Krigsman reports for ZDNet. “As I left the airport, it was obvious that a failed phone meant no Uber ride to my hotel, no phone calls, and no way to coordinate schedules with interviewees. In other words, I was screwed.” “Although my dead phone was an Android, I figured that Apple would be my best route to get re-connected, so I bought an iPhone 7 Plus in San Francisco… I also decided to buy an Apple Watch Series 2,” Krigsman reports. “Fast forward Click Here to Read more

How to set an alarm using Siri on Apple Watch

You probably already know how to set an alarm on your Apple Watch by using the digital crown. But did you know that you can set an alarm by using Siri? Here’s how: Activate Siri by pressing and holding the digital crown until Siri appears. Now say, “Siri, wake me up at 7:30am (or 19:00 if you have it in Military Time). Siri will then verify the alarm time. Say “YES” to set the time. The alarm time is set. To stop the alarm from sounding, either tap on the watch face or press the digital crown.